Codebase Coworking is centrally located at Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall. Codebase is located on the first two floors in the iconic CODE building at the west end of the mall.

240 West Main Street Charlottesville, VA 22902


  • To serve a diverse group of entrepreneurially minded business professionals
  • Provide services to support the Cville startup and entrepreneurial community
  • Foster community innovation and collaboration
  • Support the local business economy
  • Provide a premium facility with affordable amenities


The Codebase team is here to help you achieve your business goals. Our job is to serve a community of entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to perform at the highest possible level.

Rob Archer

As a founder and local entrepreneur, Rob has been part of the economic fabric of The Charlottesville Community since 1980. Rob has a passion to encourage entrepreneurship and economic opportunities for a diverse group of business professionals in Central Virginia.


Codebase Coworking shares the belief that giving and serving is fundamental to being a responsible community citizen. We actively look for opportunities to collaborate with our local business community to foster good business and social practices. You will see features in our Blog and social media outlets keeping our community up to date with opportunities and stories of good business and social engagement.